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3DISC – New Heron IOS User Interface GNYDM 2019

Presentation of the new Heron IOS User Interface at the GNYDM 2019

New UI – Heron IOS

New Software Release - The Case Management Application

Welcome to 3DISC – by Thomas Weldingh

Thomas Weldingh, Deputy Group CEO of 3DISC, welcomes you to 3DISC, including a teaser for the Heron IOS.

3DISC – Scan Workflow in QuantorClinic Software

This video walks through the scan workflow with the Heron IOS intraoral scanner and the QuantorClinic Case Management Software. From creating a case order, scanning process to sharing the case to the lab.

Clinic Video of 3DISC – Heron IOS

3DISC is presenting the Heron IOS in this Clinic Video, illustrating the use and the digital impression from the scanner.

3DISC – Intra Oral Scanner

Live scanning with the Heron IOS at GNYDM 2018.

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